Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Wade's gone, other still sticking around

Poor ol' Wade Phillips got the boot from the Jerrymeister early this week. A lot of cowboy fans liked ol' Wade but just felt that something, anything had to be changed. At 1-7, the pokes have a hard row to hoe if they're going to come even close to a winning season.

Speaking of Wade, looks like there's another one that's still sticking around. Good ol' Tom Wade is handing to "Jay St.John" show all by his lonesome. Tuesday was rather hard to tune in for the entire hour given that Wade's taken to rambling on and on about Obama and Washington. Does he not realize that soon he'll have to the Republicans leading the House?  So, at a certain point, when he says "Washington" he'll be referring to his good ol' boys, the Republicans.  This is supposed to be a local show with a local focus. I hope that his boss considers that very few Laredoans share Wade's obsession with the Pelosi-Reid-Obama axis of evil. To make things worse, he spent the last 20 minutes of the show talking with and about the Bucks. His tunnel vision might does not allow him to see that 99 per cent of Laredo finds the Bucks slightly interesting at most.  I would have understood 3-4 minutes on the Bucks, but 20 minutes?

Adding insult to injury, it was hard to get anyone from the listening audience to call in and give us a break from Wade's ramblings because he never mentioned to call-in number and it was not even posted on the newly-revised website.  Can someone please find the number and call in next time?

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