Latino filmmakers have been given the opportunity to expand their careers and shed light on their cultures thanks to a first-ever grant and the annual media arts fund, the Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) announced on Monday.

The Tribeca Film Festival, along with vironga  beer giant Heineken, announced the winners of a $10,000 grant. Organizers said the grant is geared toward a group that's rarely heard. "This audience is not heard enough," Ryan Harrington, director of documentary and programming at the Tribeca Film Institute told Fox News Latino.

"There are so many voices out there about education and entertainment not being heard in mainstream media. Right now it doesn't feel inclusive."

Carolyn Concepción, a brand manager at Heineken, said the funding could go a long way toward supplementing an artist's work. "The value of those resources will be invaluable," she said.

The winners of the grant include Cristina Ibarra and Erin Ploss-Campoamor for their documentary titled “Las Marthas” about American debutantes dressed as American revolutionaries on the Mexican-American border in Laredo, Texas.