Sunday, April 8, 2012

No se les olvide sacar la basura

Photo courtesy of Que Fregados blog

A reminder that the city of Laredo goes back on regular schedule on Monday, April 9th. This means that regular garbage pickup will resume tomorrow. Don't forget to pull out your Willie Botes to the curb. I'm sure that most of them are "copetiados" with all the stuff discarded after your Easter Weekend celebrations.

I had already figured that I was going to take my own Willie Bote out even if there had been no scheduled pick-up. The reason:  on the Monday(s) immediately following the last few holidays, there has been a so-called volunteer crew of city workers who have shown up and picked up ol' Willie even if the schedule said otherwise.


  1. What up with the blue lid? You trying to start trouble with the City? Or did they already single you out as an iconoclast, Max?

  2. Icono que? let me see where's my dictionary? Hmm el 1960 edition de Websters (dust, dust) .