Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What to do with "No man's Land" created by overpasses?

Keyrose, the main author of La Sanbe, today offered his readers a photo of the Chihuaha-Guadalupe overpasses under construction. Does this means Laredo's homeless now have another home? What happens to areas of Laredo (or any other city) over which such overpasses are built. Do they suddenly become  forgotten, residual scraps of the city?

The image below is appropriately entitled "No Man's Land" by Rudolph Boogerman. With overpasses scheduled to go up throughout Loop 20, is there a plan on how to deal with the various "underpasses"?

Under the bridge
No Man's Land by Rudolph Boogerman

I know that in some cases, such as during the WBCA activities, some of Laredo's underpasses under IH35 are transformed into temporary parking areas. In San Antonio, I remember going to UTSA and parking under some overpass. The only difference is that the UTSA area was paved and marked and had a security guard on duty.

Who knows, maybe the mayor will appoint an Underpass Committee and add another photo-op to his already vast repetoire.


  1. Underpasses will serve as a new place for dumping old tires. At least for many.

  2. I knew they had to be good for something!

  3. Start prepping your brushes for mural magic.

  4. At the underpass I posted about, I noticed an older gentleman already claiming his spot. Construction is still ongoing in the area, but the potential for squatting is already there and noted.

    The space is huge so I wouldn't be surprised if it'll become a dumping ground for tires and such.

  5. I'm hoping for a tire there soon. I'd be the Nostradamus of Laredo blogs. (However, that is like saying the sun will rise in the east.)