Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laredo Chief on list of applicants for Brownsville Top Cop job

The city of Brownsville, Texas has released the list of applicants for position of Brownsville Police Chief. The following have applied for the position of Brownsville chief of police:

  • Eduardo Garces, Brownsville. Lieutenant, sergeant, patrolman.
  • Alvaro Garcia, Harlingen. Police chief, lieutenant, LRGVDC contract instructor.
  • Juan Antonio Garza, San Juan. Recycling coordinator, city manager, police chief.
  • Jose Perez Jr., Weslaco. Chief of police, patrol and training officer, school officer, dispatcher.
  • Carlos Maldonado, Laredo. Chief of police, lieutenant, sergeant, captain, patrolman.
  • Yanti M. Greene, New York. Chief director, detective.
  • Donald Teti, Las Vegas. Investigator.
  • Victor Cortez Jr., Brownsville. Patrolman, U.S. Border Patrol, DEA, Department of Homeland Security.
  • Ramiro Rodriguez, Brownsville. Commander, lieutenant, sergeant.
  • Roberto Rodriguez, South Padre Island. Police chief, lieutenant, sergeant, communications officer, jailer.
  • Roger D. Free, Laguna Vista. Police chief, director of public safety.
  • Rudy J. Trahan, Nacogdoches. Sheriff’s department investigator, constable, chief of police.
  • Jerry Speziale, New York. Sheriff’s department chief, Passaic County sheriff, deputy superintendent.
  • Michael Lee Gamble, San Antonio. U.S. Air Force chief of security
  • Orlando Rodriguez, Brownsville. Interim chief of police, commander, lieutenant, sergeant, patrol officer.
  • Matthew Bayles, Marion, Ohio. Lieutenant, patrolman
  • Ricardo Herrera, Brownsville. Patrolman, investigator, detective.
  • Bryant C. Thomas, McKinney. U.S. Army Battalion Law Enforcement Professional, sergeant, patrolman.


  1. If I were Brownsville, I'd pick an out of state candidate, just so they can have a more accurate idea of the border.

  2. Pick the Laredo Police Chief.