Monday, April 16, 2012

Garros' $15,000 yearly contribution to facility maintenance is the joke of the day!

Hey, don't look at me, I recused myself remember? Fueron los otros macuas!

It's jump on the bandwagon day for LMT and some of the Laredo blogging community. With LaredoTejas also asking if Garros' contract with the City of Laredo (scheduled to be voted upon today) is too favorable to Garros, we are seriously running a risk of being reprimanded by BOLAS (Bloggers of Laredo Association's Standards). A juggernaut of an oversight organization, BOLAS has  previously expressed dismay with Laredo bloggers when a substantial number of them take to posting about the same subject(s), i.e. Choche Washington's Birthday Celebtration.

For the sake of brevity, we will focus this particular post on just on aspect of Garros' proposed contract with the city. Namely, Garros' offer to pay a paltry $15,000 annually to help maintain the refrigerated facilities at the World Trade Bridge in working order. This is a ridiculously miniscule amount and the city council should ask for substantially more.

By their own admission, Garros is expecting to process about 5,000 truckloads at the World Trade Bridge in their first year of managing the operations. Also by their own estimate, they fully expect to be processing about 10,000 truckloads a year by the third year of their 10-year contract.

With Garros keeping over $83 for each inspection and the city settling for a wimpish $11 (total will be $95 per inspection),Garros stands to rake in about $430,000 just in the first year. This is approaching a half Million dollars and by year 3, they would stand to make about $860,000 a year! Yet, all they are willing to offer the city for this hefty giveaway is a measly $15,000 a year??

The entire contract is a sham and should be voted down but short of that, the city should at the very least tighten up the terms of the contract and certainly they should ask for Garros to pitch in a whole lot more than the miserable $15,000 they're currently suggesting.


  1. BOUGHT and PAID for politicos!

  2. Re: your post in how some of us are not being good bloggers and regurgitating senseless dribble. Well, I represent that!

  3. in other words, "I resemble that remark!"


  4. I wonder who pays utilities on the "refrigerated" warehouse. That is an expensive portion of the cost of any cold storage operation in Laredo. If the tennant pays that, it really cuts into the profit. And $11k sounds pretty cheap for compressor maintainance...Just saying..