Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Will you get to keep your "old" city council person??

This evening, Wednesday, April 4th at 630pm, the Laredo city council will meet to discuss proposed redistricting map(s).  The meeting will be held, not at the Needmore Ranch thankfully, but at the usual location: City Hall at 1110 Houston Street.

It might be interesting to see the usual power play involved with redistricting at the local level. Will most Laredoans get to keep their beloved council representative? Will there any surprises in drawing the new lines? Will it be the voter who will be foremost in the minds of our city representatives? Or will they be just looking at what's in it for themselves?

Since it's not a regular city council meeting it will not be televised as far as I know (even if it should be). Never fear, it is open to the public; all 3 or 4 of you who might show up. Also, you don't need to don your cowboy outfit and mossey on down to any ranch this time around.

Update/Correction: As it turns out, LT was wrong in that it was the redistricting committee that met to discuss/act on the new boundaries and not, our seedy council-dagnabbit.

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