Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two, Two, Two Psyches in One !

Most Laredoans refering to themselves say "just Mexican"

The old Certs (breathmints) commercial used to boast that their product had not one, but "two, two, two mints in one!".  Well, according to the below excerpt, taken from a CNN article, Laredoans and Certs have something in common. Whereas, Certs doubles up on its mint power, Laredoans come fully loaded with a double dose of psyche!

From CNN

In the border city of Laredo, Texas, a passerby or drive-thru operator is more likely to greet a stranger in Spanish than English.

Border residents here don't equivocate when it comes to how they identify themselves, said Xochitl Mora, a Laredo resident who works for the city.

She didn't grow up in Laredo and prefers to identify as a Mexican-American, "but most around here say just Mexican."

"Here it's different, because people identify absolutely with their Mexican roots," she said.
But most are very proud to be American, too.

The city holds one of the largest and most festive Washington's Birthday celebrations in the country.
"It's a very interesting dynamic because people here almost have two psyches - their Mexican half and their American half," Mora said.


  1. Yep, that's true. Even to the point of flying the Mexican flag here.

    I was supprised to see the Mexican flag flying at the new baseball park.

    I would bet you would be hard pressed to find any United States flag flying over a Nuevo Laredo piece of property.

  2. Abajo Mexico!!!!