Friday, April 6, 2012

The Facts about the Laredo Lemurs

Fact: Lemurs never lived in Laredo.  Fact: Lemurs are known to inhabit the distant island of Madasgascar. Fact: Madagascar is also the name of two highly successful animated motion pictures. Fact: The Laredo Lemurs season opener is scheduled for May 17th. Fact:The scheduled release date for Madagascar 3 is June 8th. Fact: This coincidence (season opener and release date) are the only reason that the Ventura Group decided to name the team after those exotic animals that have absolutely nothing to do with Laredo.

Also, what is up with the above picture?  Is the muscular lemur giving his back to the pitcher? He certainly looks like he's facing the opposite direction.  I guess the brains behind the Lemurs marketing had to come up with something creative and that's the best they could muster.  Not only is his back to the pitcher but he's holding both of his arms up.  Is he surrendering already?


  1. The Lemur is dry humping all of the stupid Laredoens who are going to give money to these carpetbaggers from Dallas/Ft. Worth.

    Don't support this corrupt organization. The money runs deep through Carlos Villarreal and company.

  2. hilarious! and terrible/awkward isn't legit, is it?


  3. Yep, it's legit-taken from the Lemurs' website.

  4. apparently some kind of proto-Lemur evolved in this area back in pre-history. this from Tom Miller, the Director of the LBV ESC at Laredo Community College.

    his story about Lemurs evolving here is part of his historical geology class he's taught to hundreds of kids who come through the Center. One of them must have grown up to be a marketing guy.