Friday, April 6, 2012

Building up the drama, racing against the clock

I guess the people of Laredo should be biting their nails wondering if the Lemurs' Unitrade stadium will be finished in time for the start of the season (Yawwwwwn). Nice try at attempting to invoke some kind of interest and drama into the return of minor league baseball to the Gateway City.

Considering we're getting a transplanted team from Shreveport-Bossier and not one local kid was able to crack the exclusive minor-league barrier, Lemurs marketing had to come up with some other angle.

Another sorry attempt at arousing interest is the Lemurs' TV commercial highlighted today by La Sanbe. In it, a Laredo native lemur lets out a grito and then goes on to tell his redneck lemur buddy that he plans to add some local flavor to Lemur games.  Surely, they figured that some Laredoans might be offended by the tendency of outsiders like Ventura group to stereotype our locals. I guess, i their eyes, even bad publicity is a plus.

Incidentally, according to the Lemurs website, their offical mascot (the one with the heavy Spanish acccent) goes by the name of Pancho Lemur. Very original. You guys must belong to Mensa.

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  1. Laredo got the used team from Shreveport-Bossier. hahahaha

    For 18 million dollars. 8 of which went to the city council pockets.