Monday, April 9, 2012

TSTA speaks out: Still advocating to stop the cuts to education

Laredo TSTA officers talk to Texas Gov. candidate Bill White 2010
LaredoTejas received this response from "Ernest" from TSTA. Apparently, the teachers union will continue to work to stop the huge budgets cuts Texas education has suffered. I applaud Mr. Ernest for TSTA's stand on this matter.

I would also ask that TSTA focus on other non-monetary issues. For example, most teachers I speak to are forced to give up their planning periods by their principals. This only diminishes the quality of the work a teacher does. State law prohibits planning periods being usurped for any other reason.
Another issue that has diminished the quality of education is the increase of class size. This should have been fought tooth and nail and should be be protested on a daily basis. I've talked to teachers who are seriously looking for another job because of the increase in class size. As if 22 kids was not enough, many of the elementary teachers now have 25 kids or more. This is a joke and TSTA is right in speaking out strongly against budget cuts but it should also move on issues as the ones I have mentioned above. If they have done so, it certainly hasn't been given the exposure it deserves.

From Ernest

One year later Laredo United TSTA is still advocating for state aid. Just last month TSTA partnered with Webb County who adopted a resolution calling on the governor to call a special session to restore the cuts to public education. This month the City of Laredo passed the same resolution. Laredo United TSTA believes in a relational culture where organizing begins at the local level.

Last year Laredo United did take a bus to march in Austin, calling the governor to dip into the State Rainy Day fund--He did.

The current cuts were pushed by an ideology, one which in time will change. Once the people--parents, businesses, taxpayers, and voters--experience the effects of these cut; once the people come to see the difference between what was and what is; once they are fed up with the lack of quality education, then and only then will we have a system worthy of our children's education.

We are currently losing great minds because no one wants to go into the teaching profession. How long are you willing to wait before we see the detrimental, catastrophic effects to our society?

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