Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Webb County commissioner's meeting: El mudo habla

The Shenanigans contiue undeterred!

Surprisingly, Webb county commissioner Frank Sciaraffa can and does talk.  Having seen several of these meetings on public access before, I wondered if he had an extended version of laryngitis or something.  Not as surprising was the topic he chose to break his silence with.  Facing a sexual harassment civil lawsuit filed by his former assistant Sara Jo Davila, Sciaraffa stated that he had not commented on the lawsuit before because he had "promised his family and his campaign workers that he was not going to let anything derail his campaign".

For his part, county judge Danny Valdez told Sciaraffa that he was "sorry that you have to go through this commissioner, and hopefully it will soon be resolved".  I guess Valdez has already made his mind up about the outcome of the lawsuit if he's apologizing to the commissioner.

Over budget?

Not to nit-pick, but county auditor Leo Flores mentioned several times that certain county financial accounts were "over budget" and he added "so that's good news". OK, I thought that when a city or county government was "over budget" it was supposed to be bad news. Is it possible that the county auditor meant to say "budget surplus" instead of what he said?  Personally, that would make a lot more sense to me, especially if it's looked upon as "a good thing".

Trix Lemurs are for Kids !

Mark Schuster, the King Lemur of the Laredo minor baseball team spoke out on the status of Uni-Trade stadium and the Lemur's season.  He said that his target audience were not "the people in this room, but kids". Just as I figured, this whole $18 Million fiasco has been turned into a kid's park of sorts. No wonder they are going to tie-in their operation to the Madagascar 3 movie coming out in early June.  However, if the Lemur's entire operation is geared towards kids, then who's going to occupy the several "luxury suites" that Schuster also referred to?  They can't even pull a con in a consistently logical manner.


  1. He has to say something to cover up the stupid team name they chose.

  2. PS, if this team is geared towards kids, with loud music and non-baseball style mid-inning entertainment, I will not attend.

  3. The county judge is covering franks privates because frank covered the judges privates when the CAC scandal errupted scratching each others privates is a favorite past time for this court.