Sunday, April 15, 2012

I've never heard of them but it looks like Outernational was in town

Outernational's recent trek through Texas
Outernational is on a mission to prove that immigration reform should be the first priority this election. They just ended the first chapter of their Todos Somos Ilegales (We Are All Illegals) tour, which kicked off at the Texas/Mexico border and weaved through Laredo, San Antonio and El Paso, ending in New York May 24.

 The tour takes the NY-based band through indigenous territories, showing solidarity with the native people of this country, and to Austin where they'll play Pachanga Fest with Calle 13. Today, the band performs at Arizona State University's Border Justice Conference and will lead a discussion on music's impact on social justice. Below is a dairy Outernational guitarist, Leo Mintek, kept which documents week one of the tour.

April 6, 2012: We said goodbye to the Valley and drove to Laredo, TX, only to be shut down by another shredded tire. We hitched a ride into Raymondville TX and got repaired all while listening to local radio Q94.5, who in addition to Queens of The Stone Age and System Of A Down, will now be spinning Outernational in rotation! We hit the road again and made it just in time to Laredo after passing a few border patrol checkpoints aka toll booths with German Shepherds. We hit the stage and I think people had no idea what was happening. As the show went on, people got closer and closer and by the end were singing along and jumping up and down to “Fighting Song” and “Outernational.” People thanked us for coming to Laredo, saying no one knows about them or comes to them, let alone make songs about what they deal with on the border. I argued with the owner about the role of the border patrol (apparently they frequent the bar and were in the crowd) and hung out with members of the local Laredo gay community. Very cool scene, very contradictory… we will be back….

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  1. I read this after the fact and wondered what promo they had done? Never heard of them until I got it in my google alerts (you use it too, don't you). Pos, que les vaya bien.