Sunday, April 8, 2012

Details on City-Garros agreement on refrigerated inspections at World Trade Bridge

Gullible City council officials and Garros owner at Uni-Trade Stadium naming event

From The City of Laredo Finance committee agenda for this Tuesday, April 10th, comes the details of the City's controversial agreement with Garros Services LLC concerning the refrigerated inspection facilities at the World Trade Bridge.

Laredo's seedy council selected Garros as the winner of the contract after much discussion. An association of Laredo Freight Forwarders advised that they would rather the city NOT give the contract to anybody already in the business (Garros' owner also owns Uni-Trade forwarding). The association spokesman even alluded to the possibility that about 90 percent of the brokers in town would NOT use the facilities if the contracted was awarded to someone like Garros.

After the argument seemed to be going against Garros, Mike Garza stalled and bought some time making a rather poor argument to not abide by the association's request but his drawn-out comments had the effect of stopping the momentum the association had built and in the end, the seedy council voted to award the contract to Garros.

About a week later, it was announced the new $18 Million dollar taxpayer-funded baseball field would be name Uni-Trade stadium.

From The Laredo Finance Committee agenda :

Agenda Item no. 4. Authorizing the City Manager to execute a multi-year lease with Garros Services, L.L.C., for the management and operation of two (2) separate

refrigerated inspection facilities located within the federal import lots at World Trade Bridge and Colombia Solidarity Bridge.

1. Lease term is for ten (10) years with right of first refusal for two (2) additional five (5) year terms.

2. Garros Services, L.L.C. will be responsible for collecting from each broker or customer, a facility use fee in the amount of $95.00 per truck and that any and all future increases in the amount of said fee shall require prior City Council approval.

3. Monthly compensation to the City will be a flat fee of $11.88 for each truck that utilizes the refrigerated facilities during inspection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

4. Garros Services, L.L.C. will be entitled to the remaining amount of $83.12 for compensation and expenses associated with the management and operation of the refrigerated inspection facilities.

5. Garros Services, L.L.C will contribute $15,000.00 annually to a Capital Improvement and Repair Fund to be paid in quarterly installments.


  1. It was an inside deal to provide funding for the stadium building since the city/LEA did not have that 8 million anymore.

  2. where did those 8M go in ther first place??

  3. Railex 5 day non-stop private coast-to-coast railway transport with state of the art quality controlled distribution centers and real-time GPS inventory tracking is the greener alternative to refrigerated trucking companies

  4. There where others who would have paid the city around 15-20 dollars per truck but this was an inside deal with the city manager controlling the city council puppets... Guess who goes to boxing matches etc. out of town with the city manager... one guess... seen them with my own two eyes... this guys also puts thousands into their election campaigns... sweet sweet deal

  5. Looks like your town's Central American buddies are looking elsewhere:

    Guess which city is being left out? Just guess.

  6. Everyone is forgetting Rachel San Miguel is Charlie San Miguel sister AND Eduardo's movida! What do you expect?