Sunday, November 21, 2010

Como se dice ?

Along the border, we are infamous for our hybrid Tex-Mex language. We are equally known (and criticized) for our "pocho" way of speaking Spanish. I am not speaking of the Anglicization of Spanish words, although of course we do that a lot. What's interesting is how we pronounce certain words because that's how we have heard them for years. Sometimes, either when we see a word written down, or when we hear someone else pronounce the word(s) correctly, we tend to go "ohhh, asi se dice?".

I used to say until I realized it was actually :

paimento                            pavimento
guelera                               hielera
pader                                 pared
sanoria                               zanahoria
pan tajao                            pan tajado
ahuelo/ahuela                     abuelo/abuela
el radio                              la radio
la agua                               el agua
mascar                              masticar
dewelada                          de volada

I think you get the idea. That's one thing about the border, many of us are continuosly re-discovering our language, make that languages.


  1. Awesome! I especially like Anglicization. Just kidding. Sometimes I have to ask "what did you say?" when I should ask "what did you mean?"

  2. Yea I was wondering if that was a word, maybe it has to do with the Anglican Church? Wait, that would be Anglicanization?