Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liason? Mayor wants City-School Districts Liason Committee

What's a Supt. Like me doing in a liason?

Included in the Laredo City Council agenda for this Monday, Nov.15th is item 24.A which, at the request of Mayor Raul Salinas, calls for : " Discussion with possible action on forming a City of Laredo/School Districts Liason Committee. This looks like a good move. The City seems to want to work with the local school districts and I imagine that their intent is on somehow making a postive impact on the education of our youth. What I find a little surprising is-what took you so long.

The City of Laredo is 255 years old. Our oldest school district is over 125 years old. So, why wait until now to make such a bold gesture? The easy answer would be that it's the runoffs coming up. Certainly, our mayor might have other reasons to suggest such a committee. Has he finally come to the realization that until our schools are truly turning out students who are ready for college or ready to take on a more immediate vocation, Laredo will not be on any short list for most companies consideration relocating to Texas. Well, I take that back, I heard Chucky Cheese is opening at Mall Del Norte in December.

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