Monday, November 29, 2010

Obama f-f-freeezes pay for federal employees

It's all over the national news this morning that the Obama administration is freezing pay for all non-military federal employees until Dec.31st, 2010. I couldn't help but wonder how many people is that affecting locally? Another question I have is whether the Border Patrol and US Customs are considered to be non-military? I know these agents carry weapons so I don't think they would be considered civilian. If that's the case, then not as many Laredoans would be affected by this pay freeze as it first might seem. Nonetheless, I'm sure Tim Gutierrez will roll his r's and let us know just how Laredo is to be affected. Afterall, that's we expect of "coverage we can COUNT on".


  1. They are considered para-military.

  2. Aha para-military, ok that sounds about right. So that means they don't get their pay frozen right? right.

  3. Hope this includes all congress members and the prez himself too. With the lobbyist gratuitous gifts they receive legal or illegal, like Tom DeLay , should cover them.