Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Laredo Film Commission: Take 1

Luzes, Camara, Accion!

I have to give credit to District 6 candidate Emilio Martinez of "TaxCut" fame. I am not referring so much to his tax-cutting ideas as to his bold move to call for a Laredo Film Commission of sorts. Yes, you read right. I don't think he actually called it that but for all intents and purposes that's what he cited as his job-creating proposal. He envisioned giving financial incentives to studios to come and film in and around Laredo. He also mentioned how TAMIU could offer courses on skills needed in movie producation. Of course, this is not news, it happend a few weeks ago but I hadn't seen much feedback on it so I figured I'd put it out there. 

Most everybody is aware of the drawing power of "Eddie Macon's Run" clips on La Sanbe. Now, imagine if another motion picture was to be filmed in our area. Afterall, there's no reason why a film like "Machete" could not have been filmed here. Laredo abounds with guys who could "double" for Mr. Machete or do his stunts. Oh well, maybe we can at least land it's sequel: "Chakos" or  is it "Manoplas"?  I mean, it's only been over 30 years since "Macon" so we're actually overdue for another local blockbuster. The question is: Is Jon Schneider available?

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