Monday, November 22, 2010

What's going on with the Plaza Theater, besides nothing?

One of the things that is so bad about Laredo, is the failure to stay with an idea, project, or proposal. As I asked last week, what happened to the plastic bag ban? Well, for that matter, what's happend with the Plaza Theater. Year after year, it sits at the heart of downtown and continues to get 100 per cent ignored. Once in a great while, someone will mention it briefly. Yet, other things that have come along much much later have received more attention. For example, the Arts & Entertainment ordinance, Laredo Main Street, The Farmer's market, The Pony League ( I was like what is the Pony League?), the LEA, the $18 million dollar baseball park and so on.

It appears that the city council can really spend the taxpayer's money when it makes up its mind, so why not spend some on the historic Plaza theater?  I don't get it. A lot less worthwhile projects have gotten the ok with very little hesitation. Remember the trolley folley? I think that cost the city at least a million dollars. So, I don't see why no one on the council gets behind the Plaza in a very real sense. Maybe they havn't figured out how to justify spending much more money on it than makes sense. Usually, our council jumps at projects that are put before them, especially when they are very very expensive, or when they really don't benefit Laredo.


  1. The renovation of the Plaza Theater was paid for by a nice grant for specifically the outside. It wasn't local monies. Unfortunately, the city has been trying to get local nonprofits to take on the challenge of completing the interior - there have been no takers. The nonprofits would be able to apply for additional grants to finish the interior but if I were a nonprofit... 1) I could only make it a 1 screen movie theater because it would be too much $$ to create the space for stage and storage for small theater productions, and 2) I wouldn't have adequate parking for the staff there, much less for a crowd when they come see whatever I am showing.

    If you want to give it a shot, contact the city's Community Development Department. Maybe you have the organization that is willing to take on the challenge :)

  2. Verrrrry Interesting. No non-profits have stepped up huh? Geeeez. Between Laredo Main Street and all the promotion for the Arts & Entertainment district, I just figured they would not be a lack of interest on the part of non-profits. See, what do I know. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Maybe the WBCA can do something with the huge profits they make ,,,,wait I am AGAINST WBCA in any form never mind.

  4. QF, maybe you can give Maximiliano a name to contact?

  5. We need a grassroots movement- maybe more like a grass seed movement. Can I reserve a seat in the balcony?

  6. BTB tenias que meterte!! Vas a ver, malo!

    Just for that, yes, Maximiliano, you can contact Ronnie Acosta the director of Community Development but she is usually super busy. You are better off getting information from Arturo Garcia, her right hand.

    A nonprofit would be a little crazy to take it on unless it was formed specifically for that purpose. It can happen but...