Friday, November 19, 2010

US Transp Secy suggests disabling all Car cell phones


I heard on the radio just this morning that US Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood supports technology that would disable cell phones in all cars. There were not many details of how the process would actually work but LaHood thinks that it is something that should and will be done. The essence that I got from the report I heard was that all cars will eventually be capable of disabling not only cell phones but "all mobile devices belonging to in-car passengers". I wasn't sure if he meant that drivers can disable all mobile devices in other cars or just in his or her own car (to eliminate distractions). According to the news brief, La Hood stated his position in a recent appearance on MSNBC.

Surprisingly, La Hood is a former republican representative. Often, republicans are very much opposed to any legislation that inserts more government influence in people's lives. La Hood has consistenly stated that more must be done to protect the public at large from distracted drivers.

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