Monday, November 29, 2010

Generational/Geographical monetary denomination equivalence chart


With things changing so fast in our fair city, we felt it was time to revisit our monetary equivalence chart.
This helps to reconcile what some of us have heard various coins called in the past, and in the present.
Sometimes, these difference have not been necessarily generational but perhaps geographical as well.

Designation used In the past/barrio                     & in the present/non-barrio

Una Pinaca                                                         one penny, one cent
un nickle                                                             (same) un nickle
un dimo                                                               un dime (Dai-meh)
una quita                                                             una peseta
un tolon                                                               un toston
un varo                                                                un dolar
lana, feria                                                             dinero/effectivo

 What dynamic linguistics we have in good ol' Laredo, Texas.  Sometimes, a  freind would resort to speaking mostly chuco and it would always be interesting to listen to. Hearing him thinking outloud for his afternoon plans might go something like this: " Bueno, pos voy a dar un volteon pal tango aver que me panio pa' refinar. Ultima hora,  me meto al mono y me banqueteo un popcorn con una coca chingona. Alcavo traigo lana pa'tirar pa' riba. Alcavo ya le heche gasofa a la carucha y no tengo que ir al cameo hoy. Asi es que la voy a jugarla fria, a ver que onda tiro mas tarde. Y si esta medio aguitado, pos le pongo pal canton y voy y me roleo tremprano o si no le tiro un cable a la rooka."
I still think they could use barrio language just as they do navajo in military situations. Where else in the world is anyone going to be familiar with the kind of language we hear, on a daily basis in the barrios?

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