Friday, November 26, 2010

Once in a great while, Laredo's been first or most

I Know we're numero Uno !

We all might agree that Laredo gets slapped around pretty good in the local/state/national media but I do recall a few times that Laredo, for better or worse, has been acknowledge for being either first or most in a few things.

I remember reading that BP Newman elementary school was the first school built with a  fallout shelter. Naturally, this was during the 1960s when the cold war was in full force and such a thing would have made some news shows.  During the 1970s, Home Box Office, chose Laredo as the first Texas city (town) to receive HBO. It came it with little or no fanfare and one of the first "brand new" movies showed was "American Grafiti". A year or two later, when HBO was entering the San Antonio market, it was met with all sorts of protests against the R rated shows and movies associated with the channel. During the 90's, it was in the news, that Laredo had the highest percentage of user-subscribers of caller-id in the entire country: sounds like Laredo. I would not be surprised that Laredo's ratio of cell phone users/owners is probably also pretty high. Last but not least, Laredo has always been referred to as the US City with the highest concentration of hispanic population. I know it was even higher in the past but now I believe it's somewhere around 95%.
Take that McAllen & Brownsville.

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