Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas shopping wars gearing up!

Empulajos, Empulajos !!

I happened to have the radio on this morning as I was driving. A definite sign that the Holiday season is almost upon came in the form of a news bulletin : "Walmart has announced that it will open it's stores at midnight Thanksgiving night while Best Buy intends to open it's store at 10pm, a full two hours before" alerted the news lady's voice.
 I scanned my memory to try to figure out if this was unprecendent. To be honest, I really don't know. What I do remember is that retailers were opening up like at 4 or 5am the day after Thanksgiving. But hey, maybe this is standard procedure nowadays. Apparently, El Best Buy and El Walmar are not taking any chances.

It's funny how some restaurants are starting to post signs indicating that they will be closed on Thanksgiving day. "So our employees can spend time with their families", read one sign I observed this weekend. Well, I'm glad to see something like that for a change. Whether the real reason the business is closing is to avoid any losses that day or not is besides the point. In this day of  "money first", any sign of some sort of consideration towards family and freinds is a welcomed one.

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