Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US Senate passes food safety bill, exempts Laredo Farmer's Market

Well, ok, it does not specifically exempt the Centro de Laredo Farmer's market per se, but it does exempt the entire locally-produced aspect of the industry. It is one of the few bills to enjoy partisan support in the US Senate in a long time, passing by a margin of 73-25. Here's an excerpt rom the Huffington Post :

Despite wide bipartisan support and backing from many major food companies, the legislation stalled as it came under fire from advocates of buying locally produced food and operators of small farms, who said it would could bankrupt some small businesses. Senators eventually agreed to exempt some of those operations from costly food safety plans required of bigger companies, rankling food safety advocates and larger growers but gaining support from farm-state senators
So, as you can see, you'll all be able to relax and continue to support  Laredo's Farmer's Market as you enjoy the delicious array of locally-produced foods, fruits and vegetables. You have been supporting them........right?

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