Monday, November 15, 2010

Laredo's Biz Summit: Tailor made for you...well, for everybody actually!

I like the positive spark with which the First Laredo Small Business Summit is being promoted. Reportedly, one of the unique aspects of this summit, according to organizers, is that it's tailor-made for the seasoned, newcomer and aspiring business owner. I like the inclusiveness of who the summitt is for, but should you say it's tailor-made when you really mean it's a one-size fits all ? The important thing is that it's open to everybody who's interested in almost any aspect of small busniess in the Gateway City.

The meeting, which will take place Tuesday, Nov.16th, apparently will be using the "breakout session" format, where participants separate into groups and wonder what the other groups are talking about. I'm sure there's good ideas shared and discussed but there's always something one of the other groups comes up with that leaves everyone like "what"?

To attend, please call 722-5102 or email Yolanda Escobedo at Incidentally, the meeting's chairpersons will be Blas Castaneda of LCC, councilwoman Cindy Liendo-Espinoza and Laredo Main Street executive director Sandra Rocha Taylor. Oh yes, it'll cost you 10 bucks to attend, but it's an all day session (8-5) and will take place at the not-yet historic Laredo Civic Center. Maybe you can be the one with the idea that everyone else will be puzzled by. Registration starts at 7:30am.


  1. I went. The $10 was for lunch. What I still don't understand is why Laredo Main Street is part of the planning for this if it has nothing to do with downtown, hm? I don't get it.

  2. I think Laredo Main Street is on an orchestrated plan to maintain some form of visibility. Maybe they are concenrned about the funding or something. I agree with you, I don't know what part they would have in an event like this one.