Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Schools high on nutrition: until after school

Hey Kids! Get your dollars out and Line em up!
First of all, I know I have seen this in the past but I haven't made it a point to notice if the practice continues this school year. What I am referring to is schools raising money by selling pizza and/or ice cream to their students after school. During the school day, the nutritional guidelines are in place and somewhat strict in an attempt to positively impact the health of the kids. However, it seems that after the afternoon bell rings, everything goes. Dominos pizzas are placed out in the hallway where their scent entices the hungry kids and their dollars.

If  this is no longer the case, then I'm glad it has been rectified. If anyone out there knows that stuff like this still goes on in the name of fundraising, then we need to call the school board on it. They either want the kids to eat healthier or they don't. They can't have it both ways. At 3pm, the kids are still in school, therefore, captive customers. The schools should not take advantage of them. Nor, should they be hypocritical about the health and well being of their students.

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