Tuesday, November 16, 2010

City council: A liasonal letdown

Monday's city counci meeting had some spurts of activity interspersed with the usual going-in-circles bit.  The price for some of the reports obtained for the LPD was discussed and frankly confusing. Why was such a thing even brought up- I'm sure someone requested it but I probably missed that part. Once again, the notion of "well, in San Antonio, it costs x amount" came up as supposedly good reason why we should pay more. I mean afterall, people confuse us with San Antonio all the time. Just the other day, I had a lady come up me and ask me where the riverwalk was? Ok, just kidding.

On the matter of Mayor Salinas' request to initiate a City-School Liason, it really had no punch as to speak. I expected it to be about educational initiatives and about how can the city and school districts make a real difference in giving education its rightful importance in our governance. Instead, the mayor had City Health's Dr. Gonzales speak about some things that the city has already been doing in cooperation with the schools. I'm sure these are important and necessary things related to the health of our kids. The point is that I don't really think the Mayor himself knew exactly what he hoped to accomplish with this 'liason". I think what ended up happending was that an initiative from 2004 called "Metro" was rekindled. What?  Hey, don't look at me, it's your city council too.

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