Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bring in the plants and cover your pets, wait a minute

Well, It'lll be Cold Enough, but no precipitation.

Our incomparable weather man (oops meteorologist) Heatwave Behrler has put out a freeze warning for Wednesday morning. Ok, let's make sure we've got everything covered. No, I don't mean if the cars' got antifreeze or if there are any exposed pipes outside. I mean is there enough milk and a barra de chocolate to make a good batch of steaming hot chocolate? Is the Superior Bakery going to have enough semitas to go around? Have all the extra colchas been taken out of storage and are ready to go? If you are not sure if you're really prepared, then you should buy "A Laredoan's Guide to 32 Degrees and below". It's an indispensable resource and makes a thoughtful stocking stuffer.

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