Monday, November 22, 2010

Harlingen rated most affordable US city to live in

Yep, that looks downright........affordable allright
According to the Council for Community and Economic Research, Harlingen, Texas was ranked as the most affordable city to live in in the whole United States. Surprisingly, two more Valley cities are ranked right behind Harlingen. McAllen is rated as the 2nd most affordable and Brownsville as the 3rd most affordable towns in the US to live in. This comparative rankings shows how Harlingen, Mcallen and Brownsville fared:

among 314 participating urban centers across the nation, based on the organization’s third quarter 2010 Cost of Living Index. The article continues;
Mayor Chris Boswell said the ranking confirms Harlingen’s status as a consistently affordable place to live.

Being curious as to where Laredo would fall on this affordability index, I did some checking around on the Council's website and found out that.........Laredo is NOT on the index at all. How do we compare apples to oranges then?

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