Saturday, November 13, 2010

The $18M baseball park will be home to the Laredo .........?

Hmmm, Laredo Banditos??..Hmmm, Barrileros?

A comment earlier from Bordertown Blues about how it was Laredoans who picked the names for the Bucks and the Dustdevils made me think of the upcoming baseball team. The first name that came to mind, considering how much their park is costing taxpayers was The Laredo Highrollers. Ok, perhaps not. I do know that Laredo had semi-pro, or minor league baseball teams in the Past. I'm talking about the 1950s or earlier but I cannot recall the name(s). It might be interesting to consider reviving one of them for the team that's suppose to come to town in 2011. It would allow us to blend tradition with a new phase in Laredo's baseball history.

The last couple of teams that played in Laredo were the Apaches (I believe) and the Broncos. Naturally, the chances that the new team's name might be Spanish or influenced by the area's culture are real. Of course, there's always a chance that some brand spanking new name will get the most yes votes from whomever will get to decide. It's ususally a mysterious commitee of some sort and many times their selection is not what most of the public was pulling for

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