Thursday, November 18, 2010

By George, it's finally here

I had about $5 with me as I noticed I was a bit low on gas. I still had about 1/2 mile to go to get to my destination. Without thinking twice, I pulled in the nearest gas pump and got about 1.8 gallons of gas for my 5 bucks, good enough to accomplish my objective. After another 5 minutes of travelling North on Bartlett, I hit East Hillside. Not even a minute later, I was there: the WBCA offices and waiting inside, the 2010 version of the official guide to the potpourri of exciting events.

 After a couple of puzzled looks from those inside, I proudly walked outside, staring in disbelief at the gem I was about to peruse. I thought to myself "how can they do it?, how they can pack so much information and exuberence into a magazine?" I eventually snapped out of my transfixed state of awe and managed to get back into my car. Let me just say that if you want to know just how much of a masterpiece, the year's By George is, ponder this. A full two hours later, I still sat in my car, taking in the full splendor of a virtual work of art.

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