Friday, November 19, 2010

Tejas' original illegal aliens file anti-immigrant,birther bills

Contrary to what Ol' Rick Perry threatened, Texas does NOT have the power to secede from the Union. However, Texas does retain the right to sub-divide itself into a total of 5 states. The catch is that it has to be approved by Congress. Still, it might not seem like such a bad idea to some South Texans given some of the bills being filed by East Texas legislators such as Debbie "Terror Babies" Riddle and Leo "Birther bill" Berman.

Yep, It's me again Laredo
Their number one objective seems to be to show just how divisive they can be in regards to Anglo/Hispanic or Anglo/Black relations. They have found out that it pays to at least come across as a racist. Remember, Joe "You Lie" Wilson received over a Million dollars in donations in the days following his blatantly disrespectful outburst agains the President. Glen Becks' racism also continues to make him a rich bigot. Not surprisingly, Riddle and Berman both have filed anti-immigration bills plus Berman has topped it off with a bill that would require any future presidential candidate to show his/her birth certificate to the Texas legislature before being allowed to run for US President. Maybe we need to start figuiring out what to call our own state-within-a-state down here in South Texas. Anything to get away from these loons.

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