Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Barbacoa

If any of you grew up in West Laredo (west of La Sanbe), you might be familiar with the sound, every Sunday morning, of "Bar-ba-coooo-Ahhhhh". I really don't know if that's you spell it. In the 1970s and maybe into the 80s, a hard-working man from La Ladrillera known as "Chema" would walk down the streets of the West side, pushing a cart. In in, he had an ample supply of steaming hot barbacoa and packages of warm tortillas de maiz. He did this even in those rare "really cold" Laredo winter mornings. What was amazing is that his voice carried for blocks. I'm guessing that he started his morning around 5am in order to get everything ready. Before 7am, he was already well on his way. He certainly did his part for keeping the uniqueness of our Laredo/South Texas culture and traditons alive.


  1. After a Saturday night paranda with my camaradas , one of them lived south of church Guadalupe and when dropping him off we smelled the savory aroma of barbacoa. Forget the name of that barbacoa place but we bought several tacos and man was it very deli !

  2. Ditto on Truchas, from a fellow West Sider. I remember when Dominos Pizza came to town, we called in an order and after checking our address, they told us they didn't deliver "in that part of town". Te digo!