Friday, November 12, 2010

How to turn a 200 word essay into 500 word essay

Not long ago, Pro 8 news was interviewing some local youths. I couldn't help but notice just how often the word "like" would inevitably come up in their vocabulary. "We wanted to like volunteer because it's something that like improves our city". Of course, there's phrases such as "you know" or "something like that" that enjoy their share of popularity. If writing is an extension of our thinking, I wonder if some of today's students use "like" and "you know" in their essays at school. There's still essays at school right?  The beauty of this is that you can use these fillers to expand an essay to the required length or you can trim an excessively long answer simply by removing them. Next time you see Pro 8 news talk to some school kids, see if you can notice that. Actually, I'm hoping that I'm wrong. We, at laredotejas want to be proud of our schools. Yet, you have to acknowledge that improvement is needed before you can achieve it.
I...really like like school, cause it's like cool.

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