Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cowboys on roll, well sorta of. Odds still against them. No kidding?

What a difference two weeks make. That's how many weeks in a row, the cowboys have won rather impressively. Still, after a devastating 1-7 start, the odds are stacked heavily against the cowpokes. I'm not promoting gambling but I looked up the odds of the cowboys' chances for success for the remainder of this season.

The odds against the cowboys winning to NFC title    are        65  to 1.
The odds against the cowboys winning the Superbowl are      150 to 1.

The chances of a guy wearning a Cowboy Jersey in church     2 to 1   according to La Sanbe.

Like Dirty Harry liked to say "Well, do you feel lucky Punk?"  Ok, forget the "Punk" part of it. I keep forgetting  there's some sort of blog etiquette- I think.


  1. Uh . . . the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns cannot be discussed in your blog as per the 2009 Laredo Bloggers Covenant which was intended to resolve the dispute between the blogging community over territorial domains.

    La Sanbe got politics.
    Que Fregados obtained culture and events.
    De Laredo got restaurants and introspection.
    And, Bordertown Blues, received Cowboys/Longhorns as well as barrios.

    In light of your absence from the covenant, we will have to forge new areas of exclusivity. Stay tuned for future meetings and negotiations.

    And just in case you might thing I was being serious in the lines written above, I was not being serious, of course.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, When's the next convenant? I'll keep my fingers crossed maybe I'll get Bucks! And if I'm really lucky I'll get to cover Tom Wade- although I see La Sanbe also has been doing that pretty good. Whew, the best part is you didn't mention the WBCA- the mother lode.

  3. Oh, sorry.

    The WBCA is exclusively aligned for BTB. La Sanbe tried to get in on the mix but was soundly defeated by our plethora of posts and LMT pics. We even through historical photos and all other blogs had to bow their heads and admit the WBCA was the exclusive domain of BT Blues.

    My analysis in comment above is also incomplete. De Laredo also has the Texas Rangers and baseball, in general; La Sanbe has Eddie Macon's Run and so forth.

  4. Yea, it figures. It sounded to good to be true that WBCA would still be available. As far as Eddie Macon Run goes, word has it that more people go to La Sanbe when looking for clips of the movie than any other site-including the official EddieMacon'sRun.com .Talk about imposing.

  5. LMIB, baby. LMIB.

    Yes, please check the months of January-February in Bordertown Blues' archives for more than two dozen posts poking fun at the WBCA. Then, you must add the year-long jabs I throw their way and you get the idea.

    However, I am easy. Next blog covenant could take place at a dive bar near you. I could be persuaded to acquiesce to your WBCA posts with a beer, or two. Or three.

    *By the way, if I would have been a more savvy business person, I would have trademarked that phrase. The official LaSanbe.com T-shirts have LMIB in lowercase.

    In the words of Homer Simpson: "Doh!"