Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Candidates avoid debating in new local trend

Not one, but TWO invisible men at Kiwanis Debates

The Laredo Handbook of Politics might just be undergoing a revision. During the general election, it was somewhat strange that District 2 candidate Esteban Rangel did not attend the Public Access Channel debates. Nonetheless, he won his race convincingly. This ability to win without debating might have gotten some of the other candidates thinking. During the taping of the runoff debates, District 3 candidate Alejandro Perez did not show up. Later, at the Kiwanis debates, neither Alejandro Perez nor Charlie SanMiguel showed up for their respective city council seat debates. According to Pro 8 news, the audience at the Kiwanis debate was frustrated with the no-shows. Dr. Michael Landeck, the other candidate in the District 3 runoff race also expressed disappointment with the absence of the aforementioned candidates. Orlando Navarro was the only District 6 candidate showing up.

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