Monday, November 22, 2010

The rich get richer: San Antonio lands Petco distribution center,400 jobs

Upon listening to a San Antonio radio station, KTSA, I learned that Petco is bringing an eventual 400 jobs to the Alamo City. The first thing I thought was: Why not Laredo?  Then I sort of answered my own question. I'm guessing that the fact that San Antonio is more centrally located has a lot to do with it. However, if that was the only criteria, then it would've actually made more sense to have selected Austin. Well anyway, it appears that a $3.1 million dollar investment in Petco, from the states Texas Enterprise Fund, is what cinched the deal. This fund was started in 2003, reportedly at the request of Rick Perry, to offer incentives to businesses considering bringing jobs to Texas.

All of that is fine but I have to wonder if Perry is ever going to take the initiative and inject some of the fund's money in companies that would bring jobs to any of the border towns?  Let's hope that Richard Raymond and Senator Zaffirini continue to keep an eye out for the best interest of Laredo and South Texas. It'd be nice to read about some company planning to bring 100 or 200 jobs to Laredo. Ok, why not 400?

See the flow chart above. It looks like somebody has figured out why Rick Perry is so involved with the entire Texas Enterprise Fund project. It's like they say: "Follow the money".