Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recreation centers vs. Libraries: It's a No Brainer

Laredo has all of a sudden become the home of multi-million dollar recreation centers. El Eden in the South, The almost completed Haynes recreation center off Clark Boulevard and councilman Joe Valdez's future center way up in Northwest Laredo will also carry a huge pricetag.

Since our local school districts regularly rank among the lowest-scoring in the state, shouldn't we be investing in more libraries instead?  Granted, obesity is an increasing problem in Laredo so exercising and proper nutrition are much needed in the lives of many of our citizens. However, people can exercise in so many different ways outside of a recreation center. Unfortunately, there are hardly any places in laredo where you have access to books and an environment in which to read. No wonder we dont' have any bookstores. It's almost as if Laredo has an aversion to good common sense governmental spending. More libraries please! Heaven knows we need them.


  1. i totally agree. i'm also pretty outraged that the former manager of B.Dalton got a book store inside the library. the attitude at our library if they don't have a book is to tell you to check out amazon! seriously, there is no pride in the library. doubtful they have folks with masters in library sciences like they do in most other places

  2. Check out Amazon? don't they have a inter-library loan program? No wonder you're outraged. Look at the bright side, at least it's cool inside-just kidding. Thanks for the comment.