Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Danny's again? Yea but this time it's something good

A couple of weeks ago, laredotejas reported on the unfortunate increase in the prices at all the local Danny's restaurants. Leading the charge were the famed enchiladas. They were $3.99, but almost tripled in price at $8.99. That no longer being news, we wanted to emphasize that, while prices might be a slap-in-the-face, their service continues to be very good.

As you enter you get a very friendly greeting by the nearest employee. More often than not, this actually means 2 or even 3 "buenos dias/tardes/noches". I like the "pasenle a donde gusten" part of the extended greeting.  As promptly as your are seated, you're asked what you'll be having to drink, another employee comes out with the chips and salsa, with the drinks usually right behind. Now, we're not talking about the menu; that could use at least a little tweaking now and then. But as far as customer service goes, Danny's does a very decent job.

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