Sunday, November 28, 2010

Park your car, support the Middle East

U.S.: a subsidiary of the Middle East

Friday afternoon, I was listening to the Standup with Pete Dominic show. One of his guests was Matt Taibi, an author of several books. His expertise is on the financial shenanigans which have been shaking the foundation of our country over the last few years. Although some of the outlandish financial dealings he writea about sounded far-fetched, they are well documented all substantiated.
He has written about many of the ways that wall street types have come up with is essentially the selling off our country's sovereignty. One particular case, which even I found hard to belive, is that some cities in the U.S. have been offered money upfront in exchange for up to 100 years of future parking fee revenues. One city, in particular he mentioned, is Chicago. It appears that some middle eastern consortium has bought the rights to next centurie's parking meter revenues in one of our biggest cities. To make matters worse, if there is a city/state or national holiday on which there is to be no charge for parking, then the city (or whoever entered in the deal) has to pay the oversees consortium big bucks for revenue lost for that day. The book is called Griftopia and is written by Matt Taiibi. This stuff sounds too weird to be made-up.

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