Monday, November 15, 2010

Meanwhile at the City Council

There sould be a TAKS for board members
Today's Laredo Morning Times sheds a little more light on why Mayor Raul Salinas is calling for a City-Schools Liason. According to the LMT article, Salinas pointed out that former City Council members, such as Johnny Amaya and Hector “Tito” Garcia, sit on school boards now, and have a good grasp of both forms of government.  Pardon my French, but excuse moi?  They have a good grasp of BOTH forms of government? How did Garcia and Amaya become so knowledgeable about running a school district in less than a week?  It's obvious that the Mayor wants to use his familiarity with Amaya and Garcia to inject the City into a dialogue with the school districts. This is not a bad thing. However, the primary concern for Garcia and Amaya should be to dedicate themselves to learn how to serve the taxpayers, teachers and students of LISD in the best possible way. They should not be allowed to delve into the school district's needs only halfway, while keeping one foot in the City Council.

A better idea would be to move on with cementing a relationship with the school districts using the NEW city council along with experienced and able members of the community and education field. With all due respect to the Mayor, please let the newly-elected school board members learn their new responsibilities in earnest.

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