Monday, November 15, 2010

Chinese Investments in Texas continue to concern some

Howly Palnah !

In an article entitiled Texans uneasy over Chinese oil investments in Lone Star State, Kelly Holt writes that:

The mainstream news has been relatively quiet in the last month about a recent and significant Chinese investment in South Texas oil. But Tom Pauken, chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, has expressed concern about long-term effects of such deals on the U.S. economy and possible threats to Texas. The article goes on to further state:

While it’s not unusual for foreign investors to buy interests in Texas oil and gas deals, this time it’s different. It’s bigger. And it will allow China access to new, hard-earned U.S. technology.

I'm surprised that Fox News and the other cable "news" networks aren't all over this. They usually like to overblow any story that has implications of somebody taking over American. I guess Money talks, even if it's talking in another language.

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