Thursday, November 18, 2010

The effect of communication technology on human evolution

There is no slowing down the technological revolution especially when it comes to the field of advanced communications. I, for one, stopped keeping up with the constant changes in this age of electronic wizardry. Innovations are becoming passe or obsolete almost as fast as they are being produced and marketed. Our hand-held devices are becoming so powerful and creative that you almost have to spend the whole on it just to be able to use all of its functions even once.

Experts at laredotejas's science research department believe that as a result of this obsession with such technological wonders, there is bound to be an accelarated evolutionary effect on humans. Look around you. Almost everyone walking around has their hand up to their ear (hand-held) or apparently talking to themselves (earpiece). Most younger people are getting less and less excercise, using their larger muscle groups less and spending more time taking in stimuli and less time actually talking to humans face to face.

Laredo might be a poor town but not when it comes to smart phones and the like. It occured to us that the way "martians' used to be portrayed may actually be what humans are evolving towards. Bigger brains, smaller muscles, longer and thinner fingers (to accomodate smaller & smaller devices). Ironically, we might be becoming the little green men of yesteryear. Our colleagues haven't figured out how humans will turn green but probably from lack of sunlight or something.

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