Monday, November 29, 2010

Idea of Tequila Party fermenting among some Latinos

Fernando Romero, President of non-partisan Hispanics in Politics: Courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun
Disappointed at the Obama's administration inability to make any advancements towards comprehensive immigration reform, it appears that some Latino leaders are considering starting their own version of the Tea Party, in this particular case, the name being floated is the Tequila Party. According to an article by Delen Goldberg in Sunday's  Las Vegas Sun, this move is an attempt to optimize the growing political influence of Hispanics throughout the Southwest. Delen goes on to write:
“There’s a feeling that Democrats aren’t listening,” said Louis DeSipio, a Chicano studies and political science professor at the University of California, Irvine.
Congress’ actions over the next month could decide the fate of the burgeoning Tequila Party. If comprehensive immigration reform is shelved again, some Hispanics will likely decide to strike out on their own.
“It would definitely induce us,” Fernando Romero (President of the nonpartisan Hispanics in Politics) said. “We would have to do something at that point to get ready for 2012.”
The organization could operate as an affiliate of the Democratic Party or as an independent movement, as the Tea Party was initially.
We, at laredotejas, hope that if the Tequila Party does become a reality, it will avoid the kind of splintering that many factions of the Tea Party have endured. Conceivably, some possible sub-groups might be brewing. Some that come to mind are : The Bironga Brigade, the Vino Fino elite wing, the fiscally frugal Buckhorns Bunch and others. No doubt, Hispanics can exert substantial political influence if they can avoid a free-for-all from breaking out.

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