Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Many paisanos are taking a detour all the way to Nogales, Arizona

That's Detour for you Gringos

Officials of Nogales, AZ. have been carefully planning for the influx of paisanos expected in this border town between Dec.17th to the 19th. Planners have determined that those are the days in which most paisanos cross into Mexico in anticipation of the Christmas holidays. Apparently, Nogales has gotten some of the traffic that normally crosses through other US border towns. The Nogales International article continues:

Last year, an estimated 61,000 paisanos “a term for Mexican expatriates living in the United States who return home at holidays“ traveled through Nogales. This year, local authorities expect 80,000. Ainza-Kramer said local businesses have an interest in making the experience as problem-free as possible for these travelers, who provide a critical infusion of tourism dollars to the local economy.

“A lot of people are going to come this way instead of coming through Texas because of the danger in that area over there,” Sheriff Antonio Estrada said, referring to the drug violence that has plagued the Mexican border region across the Rio Grande from cities like El Paso, Laredo or Brownsville.
It's uncanny how Laredo always seems to make the news in some way or another. If not from sea to shining sea, then at least from dusty border town to dusty border town.

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