Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elementary,my Dear Watson. Ok, Secondary and Beyond too

Here is some information about our own Gateway City that some may find interesting. It is based on findings from the American Community Survey of 2009.

In regards to the level of education attained, the ACS shows that among the population age 25 and above, it is as follows (as of 2009) :

Less than 9th grade          22,748     or     22.6 per cent
9-12th (no diploma)         15,962     or     14.5 per cent
HS Diploma/GED            21,870     or     19.9 per cent
Some college/AA             27,291     or     24.8 per cent
Bachelor's degree             14,637     or     14.3 per cent
Grad/Prof degree                5,232     or       4.8 per cent
From just a quick look at the above list, it's apparent that roughly 38,000 people in Laredo, over 25 years of age have less than a Highschool diploma. Incidentall, according the the same survey the total population of Laredoans over 25 years of age was nearly 110,000. It looks like the schools have their work cut out.

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