Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Shadow Knows: Youths follow officials around


Some traditions are pretty safe. I guess that includes the annual event during which selected students from the area highschools follow "officials" around to see what it is they do. The sponsor for this event is the Laredo Noon Optimists Club, not to be confused with the Evening Optimists. I'm sure it's interesting for the kids to leave their schools for a day and get to see what goes on in the higher echelons of our local government.

 I wonder if any kids were assigned to follow the Mayor or any of the City council members. If they were, were they included in the extravagant dining that goes on away from the pubic's view? I know a year or two ago, there was a big (relatively speaking) story about just how outrageous the price tags were for some of their taxpayer-provided buffets. I wonder if they ever changed over to the value menu instead. For some reason, I can't imagine the Mayor and our council settling for a bottled water, side salad, regular hamburger and a value menu drink. Let's see 8+1=9x4=36. They could all be fed for 36 bucks but something tells me that 36 bucks probably wouldn't even cover the tip.

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