Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a question: Who goes to the bucks games?

I don't have a survey at hand that tells me what Laredoans support and attend the Laredo Bucks' games. I have to admit that I've wonderd about that question before. I don't know if I'm playing into stereotypes but I tend to think that it's mostly people who live in North Laredo and who have relatively good incomes. I might be wrong. The reason that I ask this is that I wonder who the main target group is going to be for the new baseball team.

With the Laredo Broncos, you could see that those in attendance were from a cross-section of Laredo. There were people who simply walked to the games from their homes in West Laredo. Others, no doubt, drove from farther away. I have a feeling that the new park is just going to mean more things for North Laredo to do and not necessarily for all Laredoans. Am I wrong?  Any comments would be appreciated. It's not a survey but it'd interesting to hear what others think.

Incidentally, I don't agree with whoever thought that promoting the Bucks with the "big friggin weekend" was a good idea. We all know the actual wording that is implied and they shouldn't be promoting that kind of language. It's sorta like when Burger King had that brilliant idea of putting a sign that read "We've got your whopper right here". I mean come on, do we really need to add to the idea of being an illiterate city?


  1. I go to the Bucks games. I went to one Broncos game. I hate the heat. I'd rather sit in the cold arena. :D
    But seriously, the Bucks games aren't bad. The staff are very nice (aside from the dumb word choice for the big weekend), and while the last couple of games have suuuuuucked, they're pretty fun to watch. I live in central Laredo, and while I get tickets because of where I work, I'd probably still go if I didn't, even if I had to pay game by game. It's fun!
    Baseball, on the other hand, is one of the most boring sports to watch. And you have to sit in the heat. So count me out of the new baseball stadium. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment. See, I was wrong (again). I do have to say you got a point about the cold arena vs a hot baseball park. I guess that's why I like football -because it's a fall season sport. Speaking of cold/hot, I understand it's going to be warm for Thanksgiving and maybe cooling off Friday. Again, thanks for reading.

  3. I didn't grow up idolizing hockey players and the idea of ice rinks isn't something that existed till the 21 century here in Laredo.

    I was dumbfounded when my fellow citizens voted on the LEC and I don't ever plan on supporting the Bucks. I'm middle class and I'd rather spend my money on a expensive movie ticket than a boring hockey game.

  4. Truth be told, I voted against the LEC back in 2003 and again voted against the $18M baseball park- but obviously they both passed. I'd vote against them both again. $38M arena and $18M baseball park, what are we the golden city of Cibolo?