Thursday, November 18, 2010

Farmer's market expanding: But is it going conventional?

First of all, I would like to congratulate Laredo Main Street for following through with it's Farmer's market idea. We Laredoans have heard of many a plan or project that has failed to materialize. Therefore, we applaud them on their good work.

Today's Laredo Sun had a good article about the 2nd edition of El Centro de Laredo Farmer's Market. In it, we are reminded that the event will be on a somewhat more regular schedule. Also, the number of produce vendors has gone up from 5 during the first event to an expected 15 vendors this coming November 20th. Additionally :
A select number of artisans and bakers are also permitted to sell at the market, after obtaining permits from the City of Laredo Health Department, and this month we will see vendors like Sandy’s tortillas, Eduardo’s breakfast tacos, CafĂ© Dolce Cupcakes and Muffins, and Herbs from La India.
I halfway expected the Farmer's market to offer an avenue for cottage industries to offer their products. However, I was a bit surprised to read that well established merchants such as Carmin's flowers, Gil's nursery and Laredo Candle Company will also be present. So far, this is fine since all three fall under the catergory of offering either hand-made or home-grown items. Let's just hope that the Market will continue to stay true to its roots. Good Luck to all vendors. Maybe we can get a blog to report on this weekend's turnout.


  1. I had a booth at the first one, will have a booth at this one and will continue to have a booth. A ver como sale todo.

  2. Good luck.Well, actually at this time it's already over. Hopefully, it went ok. I gotta say perfect weather for an outdoor event like the Farmer's Market. Positive change for Laredo.