Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog traffic mirrors Bridge traffic, says BOLAS

Vamonos. BOLAS !
 An unofficial report from the quasi-scientific Blogs of Laredo Association Stastics (BOLAS), shows that internet traffic among all of Laredo's blogs are trending upward. Fittingly, this comes at a time when the Gateway city's economic indicators are all tracking upward as well. Not surprisingly, La Sanbe continues to be Laredo's most imposing blog according to Laredo's blogging community and expert analysts.

We at laredotejas sincerely thank La Sanbe as well as other established Mega Blogs such as Que Fregados, Bordertown Blues, and all others for their support. The editorial board of laredotejas also thanks anyone and everyone who is kind enough to visit and comment on our fledgling site. We have an editorial board??


  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!

    And this year's BOLAS summit will include a forum entitled, "George Washington: He was more barrio than you."

  2. Don't forget the society of the Marthas. I mean what else says Bordertown than that?

  3. If I was as bad as Que Fregados, I would be highlighting a typo on BOLAS. :)

  4. Just one? Come on there's more I'm sure. I noticed the lack of agreement between traffic/are. That's what happens when I give my proofreader a day off. I have a proofreader?

  5. No seas malo, BTB. Not once did I say anything about the missing "ti" - oh wait, I guess I just did. I can't help it!!!